Not everyday do I have the time or concentration to put in extra effort with makeup or extended skin care routine. There are some products that have been a nice and consistent force in my life. I have some combination skin as it’s on the edge of too oily or dry at all times, but after a long search there’s been some relief in that area. With some products that focus on blemish spots and such, it’s not necessarily an every day use but it is for sure consistent week to week.


I often put this on from time to time if I have a difficult patch of acne or a pimple I’ve been dealing with in a given week. Getting stress and hormone related pimples isn’t new for me, but the ability to have something like this and at such a good price has been a fantastic resource.

CHI Silk Infusion

My hair often needs some form of assistance to not go all over the place in a frizzy mess. What’s nice about this product beyond how it tames my hair, is that it doesn’t take a ton of product per use. With a really nice smell to the product I can feel myself slightly become a human being after a groggy morning and hot shower.

Vanilla Buttercream Hand Cream – Bath & Body Works

My small hands get so dry and as someone who is neurodivergent I often find myself picking at the skin on my thumbs to an annoying degree. I find myself continuing to go back to Bath & Body Works for…well, for most things if I’m being honest. But what has surprised me has been the way the hand creams have helped me. They sizing is helpful to have in the car or smaller spaces, especially when I wash my hands and my hands crack with how dry they become. Plus, my hands smell like frosting and that’s amazing.

AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen –CeraVe

Combining both sunscreen and something for moisturization has been incredible for my face. This product from CeraVe isn’t the only one I own, I also have a face wash for the shower as well. It doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin in a way that would freak out my senses. It feels nice to have something that does double the work, because somedays life can be hard and the mind not may be very helpful.

Holy Hydration! Triple Bounce Serum – e.l.f.

This has been a new addition to my skin care routine and it has made a big difference and helped my face moisturizer as well. Not a huge dent in any budget, this serum has been great for my complex face with it being dry and oily all at once. It can oddly feel refreshing as well, especially after a cozy shower.

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