Recently released into theaters, Anthony DiBlasi's Malum is bringing out all the content current and future fans could ask for such as new artwork, a record by Waxwork Records and much more.

Recently released into theaters, Anthony DiBlasi’s Malum is bringing out all the content current and future fans could ask for such as new artwork, a record by Waxwork Records and much more. Written by DiBlasi and Scott Poiley, the film stars Jessica SulaCandice CokeNatalie VictoriaClarke WolfeMonroe Cline and Kevin WayneMalum brings twists, gore, tension & more to the screen. Not truly any huge spoilers are present, so feel free to check out my review of the film!

Malum: Film Unveils BTS, Art, Music & More!
One of the new posters. Credit: Welcome Villain Films

Feed the Demon with Malum’s New Poster Artwork

In a recent tweet, Welcome Villain said in a caption “Rise, Rise, inhuman dark king. Behold, the limited-edition Malum art created by iconic horror artist @GhoulishGary titled “The Temple Baron.” Pre-order this exclusive unholy masterpiece now, and see Malum, now playing in theaters everywhere”. The depth and hair-raising detail of the artwork is surely about to get the attention of many horror fans. A physical print of the poster can now be purchased on Gary Pullin’s website.

Artwork by Gary Pullin. Source: Welcome Villain/Twitter

Malum Behind the Scenes & VR Game of Horrors

A released clip gives audiences a closer look at the process behind Malum and a look inside the creative process. The tweet featuring the clip reads “Go behind the scenes of MALUM with Director Anthony DiBlasi and the cast to learn all the gory details on how this reimagining was brought to bloody life for the big screen in this all-new featurette.” From Sula describing her time on set to DiBlasi himself speaking on the experience, the video gives more insight into how the horrors of the film came together to make such a terrifying story a reality.

A surprise announcement follows the film’s release with the excitement of an upcoming VR game based in the world of Malum. The game, Flock of the Low God VR, will be released in the near future on Steam. The description of the game on the site reads: “This combat-based survival horror VR game immerses you in the terrifying world of the feature film MALUM as you attempt to survive the last shift in a decommissioned police station while fighting off a violent cult & their demonic creatures. Play Single Player or Co-Op VR & prepare for Hell!”

The Soundtrack of Malum Has Arrived!

With some absolutely sickening artwork, the record for the original soundtrack from Malum has arrived. The debut vinyl release of Malum features the complete soundtrack by composer Samuel Laflamme pressed to 180 gram ” Ritual and Blood” colored vinyl, new artwork by Jérémy Pailler with deluxe gatefold packaging, composer liner notes, and more!

Source: Waxwork Records/Twitter
Source: Waxwork Records/Twitter

The record is available for pre-order and is unleashed in July 2023. Here are some quick facts about the Waxwork Record upcoming release:

MALUM Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Features:

  • The Complete Soundtrack by Samuel Laflamme
  • 180 Gram ” Ritual and Blood” Colored Vinyl
  • Original artwork by Jérémy Pailler
  • Deluxe gatefold packaging
Source: Waxwork Records/Twitter
Source: Waxwork Records/Twitter

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