Plenty of indie horror movies arrive each month, but it's difficult to keep track or be on alert that they're being released in the first place. I've got a decent collection for you to peruse and decide for yourself which indie horror title you'll be going for.

Plenty of indie horror movies arrive each month, but it’s difficult to keep track or be on alert that they’re being released in the first place. I’ve got a decent collection for you to peruse and decide for yourself which indie horror title you’ll be going for. This collection includes; The Wraith WithinThe Reaper ManWolf Garden, and My House. These horror films are now available digitally on a variety of platforms and for physical purchase as well on sites like Amazon. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve seen any of the indie horror films included in this list!

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The Wraith Within

Poster for The Wraith Within
Credit: Gravitas Ventures.

When a group of friends returns to their hometown for a high school reunion, a tragic curse of the town’s history emerges to terrorize them after horrifying revelations put all of their lives in peril for a shocking night they may not all survive. This indie horror flick from Gravitas Ventures is directed by Aaron Strey and stars Allison Hawkstone, Shane Christopher, Brian Hodges, Ally Kathryn, and Michael MadsenThe Wraith Within is now available on multiple digital platforms to rent or buy, including Vudu, YouTube, and Amazon.

The Reaper Man

Poster for The Reaper Man
Credit: Gravitas Ventures.

Gravitas Ventures has acquired the latest film from Tennessee-based filmmaker Jason Lockridge, director of Succuba and Down Bad: Life In The Hood. A grieving wife summons a dark spirit with an insatiable desire for revenge in the chilling The Reaper Man. Written and directed by Lockridge, and starring Jessica Jai Johnson (“The Stix”), K.J. Baker (“Nashville”),  Kenon Walker (100 Lives), and Jeff Halton (Hongo).

Wolf Garden

Poster for Wolf Garden
Credit: Gravitas Ventures.

William has gone into hiding in the countryside following horrifically violent events. Struggling to come to terms with reality, he flashes between past, present, and fantasies involving the woman he loves, Chantelle. As his sanity crumbles and he continues to feed an unseen creature locked inside a shed in the woods, he begins having apparitions of a ghostly visitor who pushes him to kill the creature and discover a terrible truth about Chantelle before the next full moon. Wolf Garden is an indie horror film directed by Wayne David and stars David, Sian Altman, and Grant Masters.

My House

Poster for My House
Credit: Gravitas Ventures.

Carla, an inquisitive 17-year-old, lives in hiding with her kind yet tyrannical father. All her life she has been told the locked doors and barred windows shield her from the deadly dangers that await outside their house. The only relief in her monotonous existence is the discovery of a video camera in the attic. When Carla’s isolation is interrupted by a mysterious stranger knocking at the door, she is faced with startling allegations that all is not as it seems. Capturing every second on her camera, the curious teenager begins a search for the truth.

As she keeps in contact with the shadowy visitor behind her father’s back, she must question everything she’s ever known: the real reasons behind her family’s isolation, the circumstances surrounding her mother’s tragic death, and even the person she loves most in the world, her father. This psychological thriller follows a sheltered teenager’s quest to uncover her family’s darkest secrets. Secrets that will redefine their existence forever. All Carla has ever known is that danger awaits her outside the house, but what if there is even greater danger lurking within? My Home is an indie horror film directed by Nick Norman-Butler and stars Francis Magee, Mirren Mack, Michelle Collins, and Aki Omoshaybi.

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