Check out my review of indie artist Emmrose's new Indie-Pop single “Falling Again”, which she wrote while trying to lift herself out of a panic attack.

Indie Artist Emmrose releases her new Indie-Pop single “Falling Again”, which she wrote while trying to lift herself out of a panic attack. She has suffered from panic and anxiety disorder since she was 13 years old, coincidentally the same year she started writing and recording her original music. Long-time Producer and collaborator Mike Abiuso used unconventional production techniques which support the lyrics and the idea of Emmrose’s mental struggle while writing the song.

image of Emmrose by Crios Photography
Credit: Crios Photography

His recording of vowels and splitting and layering them under the vocal melody brings the listener right into the artist’s head as she deals with her ability to stay calm and focused. As with most of Emmrose’s catalog, “Falling Again” was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Mike Abiuso at Behind the Curtains Media in Brooklyn.

Emmrose Speaks to the Dissociation of Anxiety

In her single, “Falling Again”, Emmrose reaches a hand out to her audience and beckons them to understand the waves within her mind. There’s a journey in the melody and lyrics that mimics the rollercoaster of emotions and physical responses of a panic attack. Speaking as someone who has experienced so much of that in my life, there’s a lot of power in the lyrics this artist has chosen to select to represent something so alienating for so many of us.

There’s a surreal energy to Emmrose’s single and the smooth, almost celestial, tone of her voice brings you on a gentle journey through a difficult terrain. The lyrics hold a lot of weight to them and hold so much power. Her line in the song, “There’s no good reason”, is sometimes the hardest part of it all when it comes to experiencing a panic attack.

“I wrote Falling Again in the middle of a panic attack, which looking back, probably wasn’t a good idea. The lyrics were my literal symptoms. I remember sitting down at the piano, playing a few random chords, and a melody popped in my head. This is really so dark to talk about, but I remember only managing to hum the melody, I had such a hard time breathing. The panic attack really came out of nowhere, I can’t even remember what triggered it.

Thankfully, I haven’t had one of these random attacks since, and honestly, I think this song really helped. Taking care of your mental health is incredibly important. Panic attacks are extremely debilitating, and it’s something that should be treated by a medical professional. I want to spread awareness with my music for all sorts of mental health struggles, as you really aren’t alone. Things are never hopeless. I got help and want to urge other people who struggle to get help too”


A resignation to the motions of a panic attack can feel as though you’ve already been defeated by your own mind. In her single, Emmrose speaks to her experience with such a beautiful level of vulnerability. Anxiety can often hold onto us and bring down our ability to reframe what’s going on around us. “Falling Again” speaks to the fear that can come from a panic attack, the loss of autonomy, and the internal judgment that arrives shortly after. It’s a beautiful reminder for those who struggle with this panic every day, you’re not alone, and speaking about it is worth it.

Emmrose portrait photo by Crios Photography
Credit: Crios Photography

Emmrose, 19, is a native New Yorker, Groover Obsessions Artist, and signed to Secret Road Music for sync licensing. Her debut EP Hopeless Romantics was released one week before New York City entered the covid lockdown of 2020, and with all of her shows canceled, she decided to perform weekly live streams from her home where she connected with thousands of kids in the world who took refuge with her music. Two years later, she has released 18 singles and her Album Hopeless Romantics won Best Pop Album in the 2020 WAM Awards.

In May of 2020 her single “The Grass Was Greener” was placed on two Spotify Editorial playlists, a surprising event due to the fact that the entire recording and production had been done remotely during the COVID lockdown in NYC, with Emmrose in her Manhattan bedroom and her producer Mike Abiuso working in his Brooklyn apartment. The song “Five Months” is synced to the opening scene of the indie film “Searching for the Wave” and the single “Waitlisted” aired on MTV’s Teen Mom in November of 2021.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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