A book from Ice Nine Kills, gorgeous horror-themed merch, a trailer for Alan Wake 2, and more have made it into this week's Horror Roundup!

Welcome, weirdos to the BrittNic Creations’ Horror Roundup! Each week I’ll be bringing you some news and products from the horror realm. The topics could include new clips from an upcoming horror film, gothic artwork, unique merchandise, and much more! There’s a mixture of horror goodies for everyone in the weekly Horror Roundup. This will always be a random post. I’d like to think that life and horror aren’t any fun without some absurdity included in them. Now, let’s get to the fun part!

Ice Nine Kills’ ‘The Silver Scream’ Novel Announced

Hearing the news that Ice Nine Kills would be coming out with a novel based on the story told through The Silver Scream, and the audiobook would be narrated by Tony Todd, was so exciting! Any news like this deserves a mention on the Horror Roundup. The book, written by Roy Merkin, is included in a variety of bundles featuring different merchandise and even a blood-red record. Those bundles and the book are available for pre-order now.

Description of The Silver Scream by Roy Merkin

“They say it’s hard getting into the movies…try getting out!”
Fresh from the cutting room floor, The Silver Scream exposes the bloodiest behind-the-scenes details of the most gruesome, shocking, true-crime tragedy of our time. Part autopsy, part grisly director’s “cut,” this is the only book with a comprehensive exploration inside the mind of America’s notorious, celluloid-obsessed, rock star turned cinema-copycat murderer, Spencer Charnas.

Bayonet Award–winning television reporter Roy Merkin is the only storyteller in possession of the journals scrawled by disgraced psychotherapist Dr. Ian Black. The Silver Scream reconstructs, with unflinching detail, how fiction became fact, art imitated death, and the most horrific movie murders by the likes of Jason, Leatherface, Freddy, Michael, and the rest became real.

Merkin courageously slashes open the ghoulish mind and tortured nightmares of Spencer himself, probing deeply, with razor-sharp precision. Learn how the box office created so many oblong boxes. Understand why this rock n’ roll heartthrob chose to stop so many human hearts.

Spoops and Oops – Bigfoot Keychain & Haunting Earrings!

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Screenshot of Spoops and Oops Instagram Profile

Sometimes you find cute and spooky items on social media, but there are no options if you don’t have pierced ears. The Horror Roundup has a love of including small and hauntingly adorable businesses. Spoops and Oops is a small business creating ashtrays (for some 4/20 friendly hangouts), keychains, earrings, and more! From psychedelic big foot keychains to guillotine earrings, there’s some unique variety in this shop for gifts and more.

Cats Intuition- Horror Icon Glassware & Tumblers

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Screenshot of Cats Intuition Online Store

With a combination of Lisa Frank and Scream‘s Ghostface (as well as other horror icons), this is a dream purchase to include in the Horror Roundup. Cats Intuition shows off some fantastic merch on their Instagram but they also include tagging some incredible artists who work with them. For example, the recent “Lisa Meets Horror” glasses include some awesome art from Yazmin Morales. If you’re a beverage goblin like me, it’s worth looking into getting more glassware and travel cups.

‘Devilreaux’ Tony Todd in Trailer for Lionsgate Horror Film

In this story by star Vincent M. Ward (“The Walking Dead”) and featuring Tony Todd (Candyman franchise), horrific and bloody revenge  awaits just beyond the grave. After several thrill-seeking teens go missing, Detective Bobbie Briggs (Krista Grotte Saxon) investigates the lone survivor and her incredible tale of Devilreaux, an undead, shovel-wielding monster seeking revenge for murders committed long ago. Now, Briggs must visit the legend’s abandoned farmhouse to confront Devilreaux himself – and try to survive his vengeful, razor-sharp shovel. This Horror Roundup choice arrives on digital and on-demand on June 9th and on DVD on July 18th.

‘Alan Wake 2’ -Trailer for Highly Anticipated Horror Game Sequel

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Credit: Playstation/Playstation Showcase

Alan Wake 2 is a single-player psychological survival horror experience and the sequel to the 2010 and multiple Game of the Year award-winning original game, Alan Wake. Mysterious town and a missing horror writer? A match made in Horror Roundup heaven.

As the name suggests, the game is centered around horror writer Alan Wake. The game is also set to introduce a co-leading protagonist and second playable character: Saga Anderson.

A string of ritualistic murders threatens Bright Falls, a small-town community surrounded by the Pacific Northwest wilderness. Anderson, an accomplished FBI agent with a reputation for solving impossible cases, arrives to investigate the murders. Soon the events spiral into a nightmare when she discovers pages of a horror story that start to come true around her. Somehow the events seem to lead to Alan Wake, the horror writer who went missing 13 years ago.

Areas explored in Alan Wake 2 include the small town of Bright Falls, the stunning primordial forest surrounding the mysterious Cauldron Lake, and the run-down town of Watery.

Horror Roundup Picks: Comics Edition

  • A Guest in the House by Emily Carroll
    • Plot: “After many lonely years, Abby’s just gotten married. She met her new husband—a recently widowed dentist—when he arrived in town with his young daughter, seeking a new start. Although it’s strange living in the shadow of her predecessor, Abby does her best to be a good wife and mother. But the more she learns about her new husband’s first wife, the more things don’t add up. And Abby starts to wonder . . . was Sheila’s death really by natural causes? As Abby sinks deeper into confusion, Sheila’s memory seems to become a force all its own, ensnaring Abby in a mystery that leaves her obsessed, fascinated, and desperately in love for the first time in her life.”
    • Releases on August 15, 2023.
  • Night of the Ghoul by Scott Snyder, illustrated by Francesco Francavilla
    • Plot: “A dazzling work of horror, intercutting between the present-day narrative and the story of a lost horror film. Filmmaker T.F. Merrit has spent decades confined in a retirement facility, which he claims is run by the Order of the Fly, a cult organization from his very own movie. And as the night goes on, Forest Inmann and his son Orson find themselves falling deeper into his cinematic nightmare.”
    • Releases on July 4, 2023.

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