In celebration of Where's Waldo, Sprayground has created a unique teddy bear backpack evoking the eccentric nature of the iconic character.

The “Where’s Waldo” series has been captivating the world and sparking a love for adventure for over 30 years, becoming a beloved part of many generations and igniting a passion for exploration. In celebration of this timeless series, Sprayground, a travel fashion brand, has created a unique teddy bear backpack that will transport you into a world of hidden wonders with a distinctive style.

Credit for images: Sprayground

Sprayground’s Iconic Waldo Collaboration

For this collaboration, Sprayground’s iconic Money Bear makes an epic return in Waldo’s classic
red and white stripes shirt, flaunting a delicate silver chain with a big golden compass and his
highly recognizable cane, beanie, jeans and glasses. Wherever you find yourself, the Where’s
Waldo Money Bear backpack is the perfect companion, celebrating the fashion house’s creative
artistry while commemorating pop culture.


With a plush design, the teddy bear bag is sure to take fans on an exciting journey full of
adventure and fun, honoring the illustration by Martin Handford, which became popular in
books for children. Referring to the Waldo graphic from a trendy streetwear perspective, this
youthfully rebellious piece will stand out as the ultimate fashion statement.

Eccentric Teddy Bear Backpack: Sprayground And “Where’s Waldo” Collaboration

The full-sized backpack features four zippered pockets, one down the back and on each arm for
smaller items, and a large pocket behind the bear’s head for the rest of your necessities. With
adjustable shoulder straps and a soft feel composed of Polyester, the teddy bear backpack is
comfortable for everyday use and a wide array of activities.

Eccentric Teddy Bear Backpack: Sprayground And “Where’s Waldo” Collaboration

First published in 1987, Where’s Wally? began as a collection of puzzle books created by English
illustrator Martin Handford. The books became well-known for the challenge of finding Wally
hidden among detailed double-page illustrations and have been published in more than 30
languages worldwide. Readers are invited to search and find Wally, recognizable for his iconic
wardrobe including black-framed glasses, a red and white striped sweater, and a bobble hat.

For nearly 35 years, Wally’s popularity has continued to transcend beyond books, inspiring
television programs, video games, merchandise, comic strips, World Record attempts, events,
and more. Where’s Wally? has become a beloved brand for generations of kids and adults
across the globe.

Eccentric Teddy Bear Backpack: Sprayground And “Where’s Waldo” Collaboration

The Where’s Waldo Money Bear Backpack is now available to purchase for $100 USD at and exclusive boutiques nationwide.

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