Chia Pet® kicks off the Halloween season with 3 new products: the Addams Family Wednesday Chia Pet®, Addams Family Thing Chia Pet®, and Ghost Face® Chia Pet®.

Chia Pet® is kicking off the Halloween season with three brand new products: the Addams Family Wednesday Chia Pet®Addams Family Thing Chia Pet®, and Ghost Face® Chia Pet®. Other horror-themed product selections and available products are in a slideshow gallery towards the end of this article.

The Wednesday Addams Family Chia Pet® Arrives

addams family wednesday chia pet

Addams Family Wednesday Chia Pet® From the hallowed halls of Nevermore Academy comes a Chia Pet of most macabre manners, the Wednesday Addams Chia Pet®! Picture the delicate tendrils of green life unfurling around the black dahlia all under Wednesday’s vigilant gaze.

chia pet

This Chia Pet® transcends the ordinary, embodying the intricate dance between life and decay found in nature. It is more than just a decorative piece; it is a testament to the enigmatic beauty of contrasts. The handmade terra cotta pottery planter comes with 1 packet of Chia seeds good for 3 plantings, convenient plastic drip tray, and planting and care instructions. In just 1-2 weeks, your Wednesday Addams Chia Pet® will achieve maximum growth! Wednesday can be washed and replanted indefinitely ensuring a constant source of natural haunting beauty. 

The Addams Family Thing Chia Pet® Lends a Hand

chia pet

Addams Family Thing Chia Pet® Straight from the twisted world of the hit Netflix series, Wednesday, emerges a peculiar and endearing member of the Addams Family – the Thing Chia Pet®! Extend a hand, metaphorically, as you embark on the extraordinary journey of planting Chia seeds, adding water, and witnessing the marvel of Thing’s growth.

chia pet

This curious addition to the Addams Family Chia Pet® collection is not just a novelty; it is a conversation starter and a quirky gift choice that will elicit smiles. Handcrafted with care from terra cotta pottery, the planter arrives with one Chia seed packet, which is good for three plantings, a plastic drip tray, and planting and care instructions. In a mere 1-2 weeks, you will marvel at the bed of luscious green Thing is perched upon. Wash and replant indefinitely and enjoy this macabre addition to your home. 

Ghost Face Gets a New Look

ghost face chia pet

Ghost Face® Chia Pet® What’s your favorite scary movie? Well, be prepared to scream in delight when you see the Ghost Face® Chia Pet®! Have a thrilling blend of horror and amusement when you plant your chia seeds, water, and watch the terror grow!

ghost face chia pet

This terra cotta pottery planter is crafted into a bust of the infamous Ghost Face and includes a chia seed packet good for 3 plantings, plastic drip tray, and planting and care instructions. In a short 1-2 weeks, your Ghost Face Chia Pet will reach its peak of spine-tingling growth. Just like the Scream franchise, you can reboot your Chia Pet® indefinitely by simply washing and replanting! Ghost Face makes for the perfect gift for your horror aficionado! 

These new terra cotta characters join the wide collection of Chia Pet® horror products, including the Halloween II Michael Myers Chia Pet®Child’s Play Chucky Doll Chia Pet®Pennywise the Clown Chia Pet®Gremlins™ Gizmo Chia Pet®Elvira Mistress of the Dark™ Chia Pet®The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Chia Pet®the Cthulhu Chia Pet®, and more. Chia Pets® are also available on Amazon and Walmart (in-store and online) or visit your local Menards, Meijer, or Fred Meyer to check out their in-store product offerings. 

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