Sometimes it takes a lot to remember where you last saw a unique makeup collection or product, but don’t fear! That’s why Makeup Roundup is here! It’s a small curated list each week to help you (and me) have a spot where those unique cosmetic finds can be easily accessed. Don’t forget to subscribe to emails for alerts on new articles and lists! Below are some of my favorite recent finds:

Colourpop’s Disney’s Snow White Collection:

Source: Colourpop/Twitter

This Disney Snow White collection from Colourpop has plenty of rich pigment and nostalgia in it for everyone. Starting with items only at $10, this cosmetics collection heightens the possible financial accessibility as well. I’m especially eyeing that handheld mirror and the pigment in those eyeshadows!

The Original Makeup Eraser- Hello Kitty 7-Day Set:

Source: The Original MakeUp Eraser/Twitter

This 7-day set from The Original MakeUp Eraser features multiple characters from Hello Kitty and Friends. It also comes with a little BONUS laundry bag for easy wash.

The Pat McGrath Star Wars Collection:

Source: Screenshot of Pat McGrath Website

Divine Droid, The Golden One and all the Chroma-Luxe pigmentation are a true force to be reckoned with in this exclusive and limited collection from Pat McGrath. The collection includes multiple shades of mascara, lip color, eyeshadow (palette and singular) that include unique product packaging for the ultimate Star Wars fan.

MilleFée Collection of Monet’s Painting Eyeshadow Palettes:

Source: MilleFée/Twitter

Evoking the colors from paintings by Monet, these eyeshadow palettes from MilleFée are vibrant and ready for those as obsessed with art as I am. The available palettes include: Cute Irene, Bouquet, Girls Playing the Piano, Parasol Woman, Painter’s Garden, Water Lilies and La Japonaise.

Source: MilleFée/Twitter

Van Gogh Mini Eyeshadow Palette- For Arts Sake Cosmetics:

Source: Screenshot of product page

For Arts Sake Cosmetics continues to bring some bold colors with this mini eyeshadow palette. What they also bring outside of art and pop culture-inspired is a ton to non-profits that provide the ability to highlight at least one per quarter. These non-profits revolve around helping with art supplies and more. Honestly, it feels like something that Van Gogh would love to see happen, helping others with the passion for art.

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