There’s something compelling in the love you give not only to me but to the world. Being held in your arms gives me peace, a deep breath as if returning home after a long day. You’ve thrown yourself into your work and have created beauty and depth all around yourself.

My Love & My Home (A Letter to Josh)

A birthday to celebrate your existence seems difficult to fit into a day. How can I celebrate correctly someone who produces such joy and love in the world? My partner honors the concept of love through endless stories and embracing others. You pick up on those little details and assist my mind when it feels like giving up. There’s something profoundly beautiful in all of that.

My Love & My Home (A Letter to Josh)

Hugging you as the rise and fall of your chest develops a lovely rhythm has never ceased to instill peace in my own heart. You deserve all the good in this world. Sometimes this world doesn’t deserve you, but everyday I am glad I’m able to enjoy what you share with me.

Happy Birthday My Love 🖤

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