The Valari Gaming Pillow is not without its setbacks but does well the job it sets out to do. Check out our review and what we think about it!
The Valari Gaming Pillow: Versatile Gamer Comfort [Review]
The Valari Gaming Pillow, complete with legendary “Fenrir” slipcover.

The Valari Gaming Pillow is not without its setbacks, but does well the job it sets out to do.

Hello, dear readers! For those of you who are relatively Internet-glued, there is no doubt that at some point in your life you’ve suffered from a backache from sitting in your chair, couch, bed, or other such seat. This is also applicable to gamers, readers, knitters, and other similarly-inclined people, as you’ll soon read. Well, if that’s true, it’s also plausible to assume that you’ve seen ads for the Valari Gaming Pillow, an ergnomic support for those seeking to improve their posture. We got a review sample of the Valari, and here’s what we think about it!

The Valari Is Good For Many Occupations, Not Just Gaming

The Valari Gaming Pillow has many positive qualities, but the one that stood out most to us was its overall versatility. We tested this product for a couple of different utilities. The most prevalent one was as a gaming support for console play. We also gave it some time as a handheld device armrest as well. Here is what we found:

The Valari favors handheld devices over consoles due to the way arm positioning differs between the two. People bring their arms closer to their faces when playing a handheld game (such as with the Nintendo Switch). However, users will have their controller somewhat further away from themselves for a console like the Xbox or PlayStation. This is especially true for wired controllers, as rare as they are today. The positioning makes a difference because with console gaming there is still more of a tendency to shift forward with the user’s upper body. However, the Valari is much more comfortable and posture-positive for handhelds.

In addition to the Valari being great for handheld gaming devices, it is a great pillow for readers. The pillow allows readers to read their favorite book without having to adjust their position too much. Furthermore, people have expressed their positivity towards the Valari as a pillow for crochet enthusiasts.

The Valari Is Not A Perfect Fix For Everyone

As with many reviews, we have a few setbacks to remark upon for the Valari Gaming Pillow as well. However, you’ll do well to note that not every setback is necessarily a negative, per se.

The Valari would be improved by the addition of an adjustable clip, akin to seatbelt extenders for airplane belts. These will help people with larger bodies to use the pillow optimally. Fortunately, the company offers this option in its webstore.

When in lotus position (cross-legged) or without a proper backing behind the user, the user may still slouch. When straight-legged and/or with a backing behind the user, though, the Valari does assist better with posture.

The embroidery of the pillow cover has a couple of loose threads. However, this has been accounted for by the company, whose support seems to be thorough and reliable overall.

valari gaming pillow
A bit of fun we had with the Valari Gaming Pillow and a Squishable plush. They enjoy gaming, too!

Our Verdict On The Valari Gaming Pillow

All in all, this product is a good tool for most anyone looking to improve their posture while hobbying. Furthermore, it improves their ergonomic quality of life. However, the Valari Gaming Pillow doesn’t seem to be perfectly tailor-made to suit every body type. Hopefully the company behind the Valari will be willing to take that feedback and roll with it. For now, though, if you’re larger, be mindful of this purchase. Nevertheless, we are very pleased with this product and hope that, if you buy one, you enjoy it as well.

Editor’s note: Previously, we did not mention that The Valari had an adjustable extension for sale as well. The company reached out to us and clarified; this information has been added to address this.

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