The highly anticipated Train Sim World 4 will be released on Windows PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles on Sept. 26, 2023. 

Your Hobby. Your Adventure. Your Way. With a host of brand-new features promoting creativity, as well as a slew of exciting new routes and trains, that’s exactly what Train Sim World 4 is hoping to achieve for fans of the popular train simulation franchise when it releases at the end of September.  This highly anticipated “train ride” will be released on Windows PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles on Sept. 26, 2023. 

train sim world 4 key artwork
Key art, Credit: Dovetail Games

Ready For The Ride With Train Sim World 4

For passionate railfans and casual hobbyists, the Deluxe Edition-exclusive inclusion of Flying Scotsman brings a legendary name to Train Sim World and gives players the opportunity to stretch its legs up the East Coast Main Line to Doncaster, where it was built, along with LNER’s sleek, high-speed Azuma train. The record-breaking steam locomotive celebrates its centenary in 2023 making it the perfect year to step into the virtual cab and drive the icon in-game. 

train sim world 4
Flying Scotsman, Credit: Dovetail Games

On this side of the Atlantic, the power of American diesel can be harnessed with Metrolink’s F125 out of Los Angeles Union Station, through to Lancaster, California. Virtual passengers will ride in the modern Rotem Commuter Cars in classic pull-push style. Along the way players will recognize locations synonymous with movies such as the LA River, get the chance to see Vista Canyon’s brand-new station (due to open this year) and even get involved in the Hollywood action as part of one of the many in-game scenarios. 

train sim world 4
Antelope Valley Line, Credit: Dovetail Games

Along with all-new locomotives, routes and features, Train Sim World 4 also introduces a new country in the form of Austria. The S-Bahn Vorarlberg Line winds through the Alps to the Austria-Germany border courtesy of national operator ÖBB and its 4024 Talent EMU, with the potential for further Austrian content to be released later down the line. And for the many German fans of the series, the hi-tech Vectron locomotive arrives on an upgraded version of the previous Dresden – Riesa route.

“With all new train operators, all new trains and even a new country, combined with significant new ways to play and enjoy your train collection, it’s really exciting  
to see how much control and creativity Train Sim World 4 is putting into the hands of players.  As an avid railfan myself I’m really excited for this release and I can’t wait to see what players do with it!”  

Executive Producer Matt Peddlesden
train sim world 4
East Coast Main Line, Credit: Dovetail Games

The addition of Free Roam and Photo Mode are themselves huge features to arrive in the game. Free Roam will give players the ability to play in a sandbox mode, spawning trains and setting routes, whereas Photo Mode will allow pausing of the live action to set angles and filters up for the perfect railfan shots. Controller haptics, revised scoring and further graphical improvements to lighting and weather also form part of the release and the popular creative tools Livery Designer and Scenario Planner each get an overhaul. 

train sim world 4
S-Bahn Vorarlberg, Credit: Dovetail Games

Ambitious PC users will even be able to access the new PC Editor in beta, unlocking the same Unreal Engine tools that Dovetail Games use to create gameplay, routes, and trains from scratch. 

For the less ambitious and those new to the franchise, a simpler HUD, easier-to-drive locomotives in Training Center and UI changes make driving trains in Train Sim World easier than ever before. 

In total, Train Sim World 4: Deluxe Edition will contain 3 new routes in Austria, the UK and USA, plus Training Center, along with Flying Scotsman and Vectron locomotives and an upgraded version of the German Dresden – Riesa route Add-on. 

train sim world 4
Deluxe Edition Key Art, Credit: Dovetail Games

Developed and published by Dovetail GamesTrain Sim World 4 will release for Windows PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles on Sept. 26, 2023. It can be pre-ordered digitally from today on Steam and the Epic Games Store,PlayStation®Store, and Microsoft Store with a Deluxe Edition (£52.99/€64.99/$69.99), Special Edition (£89.99/€104.99/$109.99) and Standard Edition (£39.99/€44.99/$49.99) available.  All can be pre-ordered with a discount of at least 10% on all platforms, with Deluxe and Special Editions granting 5-day Early Access and bonus decals for Livery Editor. A downloadable Soundtrack is also available with pre-orders on Steam, along with an additional 15% loyalty discount for owners of Train Sim World 3. 

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