The Woobles crochet kits present a boo-tiful assortment of Halloween and Holiday kits perfect for any skill level.

Autumn will be here before we know it and with the cool air and warm drinks comes cozy indoor activities. The Woobles, crochet kits for beginners, has the perfect activity with adorable results . Arts, crafts, and plenty of other things bring me a lot of joy during this time. I’m not the best at crocheting, but I greatly admire friends who have a knack for it. My proudest accomplishment has been crocheting a large and soft purple beanie for my partner (which I sometimes borrow for myself). These kits present a boo-tiful assortment of Halloween and Holiday kits perfect for any crochet skill level.

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What The Woobles Are All About

The Woobles high-quality crochet kits for beginners include everything people need to learn a new hobby and spark some fiero, the magical feeling you get when you learn something new and achieve something you once thought was impossible (e.g., there’s no way I’m turning this pile of yarn into an adorable penguin). Other “beginner” crochet kits on the market require people to have basic crochet experience. They come with printed instructions that are about as easy to follow as those DIY furniture pictograms, yarn that frays, as well as a headache from trying to figure out where to even start.

With The Woobles you’re never left on your own. Each kit comes with step-by-step video tutorials via a custom-made web app, unlimited help over e-mail, plus virtual crochet office hours to help guide you in stitching together your cute masterpiece. The kits also come with plastic eyes, stuffing, tapestry needle, stitch marker, as well as the crochet pattern as a PDF download. The kits also come pre-started to give people a headfirst dive into the action, so you never have to spend time struggling with yarn that keeps coming undone or a first stich that is five sizes larger or smaller than the next one.

The Woobles proprietary Easy Peasy Yarn is perfect for beginners and easy to crochet with. The Easy Peasy Yarn allows crocheters to easily see the stitches as they work, and it won’t split or fray like standard yarn tends to do. And forget about that horrific experience of having to unwind a skein of yarn and roll it into a ball before you can even start a stich. Who ever thought that was a good idea?! The Easy Peasy Yarn also gives the crocheted creation a smooth and modern finish. 

The Woobles: Crochet Kits Perfect For This Halloween

Meet Salem the Halloween Cat
Why do we love October? Well, not only do the leaves change color…but so do the Woobles! Take a look, and we think you’ll agree that this spooktacular makeover makes this the purr-fect time to welcome a new Halloween buddy.

And what’s a Halloween buddy without a costume? That’s why we’ve made it easy to add on a boo-tiful hat, pumpkin-colored cloak, and adorable broom that’s sure to sweep you off your feet. So turn your witch-ful thinking into action, and trick-or-treat yourself to this paw-some purr-ple pal!

-Product Description
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The kits were created by husband-and-wife team Adrian Zhang and Justine Tiu. Justine was working as a lead UX designer for Google Classroom when she was eventually promoted to manager, which was an extremely stressful position and led to her seeking new hobbies to take her mind off work. “I was so stressed, there was stress coming out of my pores,” said Justine. “I picked up various crafting projects on the weekend, but my heart was always set on becoming a crochet lady minus the rocking chair. After learning how to crochet over many weekends, I started to feel more confident, and I realized that I still had it in me to learn something new. The experience of gaining confidence through crocheting is what inspired us to create The Woobles.” 

The Woobles crochet kits come in a variety of fun designs including Tank the Shark, Emilio the Turtle, Fred the Dinosaur, Pierre the Penguin, Bjorn the Narwhal and more. The Woobles also offers limited edition licensed crochet kits such as PAC-MAN and Miffy. Collectable and customizable crochet hooks make the kits even more irresistible. The Woobles crochet kits start at $25. To learn more and to purchase, visit:

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