Loop has announced the launch of their new Loop Switch earplugs, a seasonal collection, and a variety of new colors. Loop is a Belgian lifestyle brand that makes it possible to ‘live life at your volume’ – by developing smart, reusable earplugs that give users control over excess sound. Belgian-born Maarten Bodewes and Dimitri O founded the company in 2016.

loop earplugs

All of Loop’s products are tested extensively according to standard guidelines and practices. Loop earplugs are an officially certified form of hearing protection in line with European law covering personal hearing protection devices and personal protective equipment (PPE).  

I received a pair of the black Loop Switch earplugs, being my cautious ADHD-self I wasn’t sure how much this would help me. But as I have unmasked and accepted my ADHD, I have also seen what sensory-related things help or hurt me. Now I’ve realized how much sound impacts me and my perception. Trying out my new pair of Loop earplugs has been a unique experience. It’s crazy to see how much they help in the most subtle ways. I’m honestly very hopeful when it comes to future shopping experiences, big crowds, and focusing in chaotic spaces with these on-hand.

Please meet Loop’s biggest product innovation yet – Loop Switch. This is the brand’s highest-tech earplug yet– it allows users to shift effortlessly between social, active and focus-oriented use states, Switch makes managing sounds as easy as flipping a switch.  Loop understands that different situations require different levels of noise reduction, and after receiving feedback from their community, Loop developed a 3-in-1 product that makes switching between them totally seamless. Switch builds on the elevated, award-winning design and technology for which Loops have come to be known. 

loop earplugs
loop earplugs

Switch is easy to use: simply rotate the dial on the outer ‘loop’ portion of the earplug, toggling between attenuation levels according to three symbols demarcating each of the product’s three modes.

  • The ‘Engage’ mode is intended for social settings like family get-togethers and meetings, as well as for managing noise sensitivity, offering up to 17 dB (SNR).
  • The ‘Experience’ mode, which is intended for active environments like live music, festivals, commutes and travel, and activities like motorcycling, offers up to 21 dB (SNR) of noise reduction.
  • The ‘Quiet’ mode affords up to 25 dB (SNR) and is perfect for focus and concentration, work-from-home and productivity.

Loop Switch, $59.95 – is available in four colors: Black, White, Blue and Pink. Each set comes with color-matched silicone ear tips in sizes XS, S, M and L. Like all Loops, Switch comes with a new and improved Carry Case for easy access and storage on the go. The new product will be available for purchase on October 10th exclusively at loopearplugs.com.   

loop earplugs
loop earplugs

In addition to Loop Switch, the brand will be launching a seasonal collection and new core colorways:

  • Loop Equinox Seasonal Collection: A seasonal ear wear collection of electric neon colors available for Engage, Experience and Quiet earplugs .Loop’s springtime seasonal collection, Equinox offers a moodier, more evocative encore. Photographed by renowned fashion photographer and Looper herself, Marie Wynants, the campaign tells a story of bold style and empowerment in the season of cosmic balance. Equinox editions of Loop Quiet ($24.95), Loop Experience ($34.95) and Loop Engage ($34.95) earplugs come in colors Midnight Sapphire, Flamingo Flux and Celestial Equinox.
  • New Core Colors (2.0): A palette of new colors and redesigned packaging round out an expanded core collection, as the brand ushering in the earwear generation dreams bigger than ever. Loop has shaken up the earplug space with everyday hearing protection products that look and feel extraordinary. Each of the four earplugs will be available in sixteen carefully curated colorways, which complement the earplugs’ unique finishes. The transparent Engage – for use in social settings demanding clear speech – will be available in Dusk, Clear, Green and Rose. The shiny Experience – for enjoying live music, travel and active settings – will come in Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. The ultra-comfy Quiet – great for focus, sleep and noise sensitivity – will come in Black, Violet, Mint and White. 

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