Today, Wizards of the Coast recently gave players and fans of their game Magic: The Gathering and Bethesda’s Fallout series an exciting first look at their latest collaboration. On Twitch, Magic‘s Communications Director Blake Rasmussen, alongside designer Chris Mooney and Pete Hines, the “face of Fallout” at Bethesda, revealed some new cards. These newly-spoiled cards will be part of Magic‘s next Universes Beyond Commander decks. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Key art from the Magic: The Gathering collaboration with Bethesda's Fallout video game series. Part of Wizards of the Coast's Universes Beyond initiative.
Key art from the Magic: The Gathering collaboration with Bethesda’s Fallout video game series. Part of Wizards of the Coast’s Universes Beyond initiative. Source: Wizards of the Coast

The Face Commanders Of Magic: The Gathering‘s Fallout Collab

To start, let’s look at some of the face commanders from this upcoming Magic: The Gathering release. As expected, these legendary creatures are on-par with what we have seen in previous Universes Beyond releases such as Lord of the Rings or Doctor Who. However, they also introduce some concepts previously seen in very limited capacities outside of the IP-smashing initiative.

For reference, for those who are unfamiliar with rad counters or Junk tokens, here are what they look like and what they do:

As you can see, these cards are all new kinds of innovations for Magic: The Gathering. Magic has been introducing new kinds of artifact tokens slowly but steadily. Furthermore, rad counters are making their debut alongside energy counters, to go along with poison and sticker counters (neither of which are likely to make a reappearance here).

With that, here are a few other legendary creatures new to Magic.

Clearly, there has been a ton of effort and passion put into the Fallout Commander decks. Of course, these aren’t the only cards we’ve gotten to see, even this early. With that, let’s look at some more!

Our Verdict On The Revealed Commander Deck Cards

Without a doubt, we here are most excited by Radstorm, V.A.T.S., and Nuka-Cola Vending Machine. By all accounts, there will certainly be more cards. Therefore, we will be on the lookout for more when preview season starts in January 2024.

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