K-Pop superstars ITZY have released a music video for their single, "Untouchable", alongside their highly anticipated mini-album BORN TO BE.

Today, critically acclaimed K-Pop superstars ITZY released their highly anticipated mini-album BORN TO BE across all digital and streaming platforms, through JYP Entertainment/IMPERIAL/Republic Records.  Featuring 10 new tracks, “BORN TO BE” is the group’s first release in 2024, and continues to encapsulate messages of freedom and self-love, core identities of the group since their 2019 debut.

K-Pop Superstars ITZY Release New Mini-Album "BORN TO BE"
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The album also marks a monumental moment for ITZY, as it features solo songs from each member for the first in their history. Each member contributed to the composition of each solo track, showcasing their musical competency, and asserting themselves as creative forces. Stream the BORN TO BE mini-album HERE.

ITZY Releases “Untouchable” Music Video w/ Album

Along with the album, ITZY also released a captivating new music video for lead single, “Untouchable.” The video solidifies ITZY’s universally recognized electrifying presence, reminding the group’s loyal army of fans who call themselves MIDZY how “untouchable” the group is. The intense choreography adds a sense of immersion to the captivating power of the video, making it impossible to look away.

The BORN TO BE mini-album comes on the heels of their single release of the same name in addition to their solo songs all of which were released with solo videos that currently hold approximately 21.1 million views collectively. BORN TO BE also follows the group’s previous mini-album KILL MY DOUBT, which features singles such as “Bet On Me,” “None of My Business,” and fan favorite, “CAKE.”

Coming up, ITZY will hold concerts at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul on February 24 and 25, marking the commencement of their second world tour, “ITZY 2ND WORLD TOUR <BORN TO BE>.”The group’s first world tour, CHECKMATE, included an eight city US leg, as well as an Asian leg with performances in seven regions; Manila in the Philippines, Singapore, Jakarta in Indonesia, Chiba in Japan, Taipei, and more. ITZY, having demonstrated their true skills as “stage masters” through a parade of representative hit songs and B-side tracks that fully cater to fans’ desires, is poised to uphold their reputation in the expanded first world tour of 2024. BORN TO BE is out now via all digital and streaming platforms.

BORN TO BE  Track List:

  3. Mr. Vampire
  4. Dynamite
  5. Crown on my Head (Yeji)
  6. Blossom (Lia)
  7. Run Away (Ryujin)
  8. Mine (Chaeryeong)
  9. Yet, But (Yuna)
  10. Escalator

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