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Horror Roundup: Markiplier, Terrifier Stickers & More!
“File: Markiplier (29479442667).jpg” by Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

‘Evil Dead Rise’ Waxwork Records LP & New Poster!

You’ll be able to listen to the tranquil…no, wait, the eerie and haunting sounds of Evil Dead Rise thanks to Waxwork Records unveiling their new LP for the film’s soundtrack. The Lee Cronin-directed horror film is now out in theaters for every fan and deadite to consume.

In a recent Instagram post, Waxwork Records announced that the soundtrack is now available to purchase on their site. Evil Dead Rise also recently received new artwork for a poster by Devon Whitehead as well as a poster by Creepy Duck Design. BossLogic on Twitter announced the unique poster filled with Deadites and Necronomicon horrors.

‘Iron Lung’ Teaser Trailer -Markiplier Involved

Mark Fischbach, a.k.a. Markiplier, recently released a teaser trailer on his YouTube channel for an upcoming adaptation of the horror video game, Iron Lung. The game was released in 2022 and was created by David Szymanski. Markiplier will be self-financing the adaptation for which he’s written the script and will soon direct as well. Markiplier is one of the largest and most popular YouTube “Let’s Play” channels with over 34 million subscribers.

His background and dive into horror games previously on his channel offer a lot of hope for those looking forward to this sort of adaptation. What many fans have wanted is coming true, he’ll not only be directing Iron Lung he’ll be starring in it as well. Production has already begun for the film in Austin, Texas and Caroline Rose Kaplan has joined to star in the submarine horror game adaptation.

‘The Third Saturday in October’ Trailers Unveiled

Trailers have been released for Dark Sky Films’ The Third Saturday in October Part 1 and The Third Saturday in October Part V. The films are directed by Jay Burleson. The first film takes place in October 1979. Ricky Dean is a man on a mission. Years ago, he lost a child at the hands of a psychopathic killer named Jakkariah Harding.

When Harding escapes Death Row, Ricky Dean throws himself into the line of fire to stop him from killing again as Harding preys upon a group of friends gathered to watch a college football game. An authentic throwback to the golden age of the slasher genre, the film is both a loving tribute to the films that created the horror franchises we know and love as well as an effectively creepy chiller for the modern age.

It’s Part V. Unstoppable killer Jakkariah “Jack” Harding is back in town after seven years, as he stalks and kills at random before chancing upon a football watch party. The game is, of course, between longstanding rivals the Alabama-Mobile Seahawks and Tennessee A&M Commonwealth. Chaos ensues, in an increasingly ridiculous fashion, with inventive murders and multiple love triangles. Hearts are broken and appendages are torn. Both parts will be released in theaters on May 5th.

Rattlehead Crafts -Terrifier Stickers, Horns & More!

I’ve recently discovered an account on Instagram, Rattlehead Crafts, a woman-owned business dedicated to horror-themed stickers, devil-horned hats, and more! I love seeing the variety of vintage horror influences and more in this creator’s artwork. Let’s support some awesomely horrific small businesses, shall we?

‘Bad Things’ Shudder Female Rage Horror in August

Bad Things still image
Credit: Shudder.

Shudder has acquired the rights to the film Bad Things, which is set to premiere on the streaming platform on August 25, 2023. The film is written and directed by Stewart Thorndike (LYLE) and stars Gayle Rankin (Netflix’s GLOW, MEN), Hari Nef (BARBIE, Amazon’s Transparent), Annabelle Dexter-Jones (HBO’s Succession, The Calling), Rad Pereira (HBO’s Betty), Jared Abrahamson (GOD’S TIME, Hulu’s Ramy) and Molly Ringwald (Feud).

The film will World Premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival, followed by a streaming release on Shudder on August 25th in all included territories (U.S., UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand). The film will also stream on AMC+ where available (US, CA, ANZ).

Bad Things follows a group of friends who go to a hotel for a weekend getaway and soon discover that women do bad things here. The film is produced by Lizzie Shapiro (Independent Spirit Award Winner Shiva Baby) and Lexi Tannenholtz (Chestnut), with executive producers David Harari, Caroline Kaplan, and George Rush of PCG Pictures, Gus Deardoff of The Space Program, George A. Loucas and Matthew Dean Russell of Baked Studios and Amy Williams who also served as production designer on the film.


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