From salsa to Love is Blind, Smosh has elevated the standard of comedy and improv on YouTube. Check out some of my recent favorites!

In recent years, Smosh has elevated its game by showcasing some incredible talent on-screen, including improvised characters and brilliant comedic timing. I believe that YouTube and similar media are often forgotten when discussing television and entertainment, despite channels like Smosh bringing out the best in their cast members. They have proven that entertainment should progress with audiences.

How Smosh Took Comedy to the Next Level with These 7 Videos
Screenshot source: YouTube/Smosh Games

Smosh Games and Smosh Pit have become my go-to sources of entertainment. Their tabletop gaming sessions and reactions to bizarre Reddit stories have me glued to my screen for hours on end. The production quality and dedication of the entire team are outstanding, delivering an unforgettable experience for both old and new fans.

I’ve watched some of their videos more than five times, and I still can’t get enough of their playthrough of the Love is Blind game. I even had a Barbie-style poster of Toilet Girl as my lock screen for some time, just to be reminded of the laughter and joy that video has brought me. Let’s get on to my top picks and I’ll explain what makes them so iconic as well as what makes them so memorable.

Smosh: The Chaos Comedy We Need Right Now

They say Love is Boobs, I’d have to agree after watching this Smosh Games video MULTIPLE times. Almost every second of this video is iconic and brings some of the most memorable quotes with it. From the fear of rejection to drinking toilet tequila, this is a group of comedic chaos I will always watch. I want the relationship between Straight Chanse and Shayne to work!

This is one of the most absurd play throughs of the Moose Master game by Smosh. Attempting to remember story actions, repressing seething rage, and much more makes this a gentleman’s fever dream. The panic in Amanda Lehan-Canto’s face as she realizes she has lost is one of the funniest things I’ve witnessed lately.

The trick to translating nonsense is closing your eyes like you’re about to use echolocation to find meaning in the chaos…or at least that helps Angela Giarratana. Watching this honestly made me want to grab a copy of Incohearant and play with some friends.

Watching Shayne Topp attempt to find a bunch of people in a game of hide and seek was a fantastic way to showcase the talent and humor of the cast and crew. You’ll have to watch and see who gets found last because it is a wild journey for them and Shayne.

Courtney Miller is one of the wittiest comedic forces I’ve watched, and this series of videos shows how much her talents lift Smosh to another level. Amanda yelling, “She’s pink!” when the one dish comes out is absolutely hilarious and had me at a level of laughter just above wheezing.

Reddit is already a scary place, but somehow reacting to stories alongside Shayne and his guests makes it a little bit better. There’s a level of sanity coming from this video that helps someone not feel so alone in feeling one way or another about another story going viral on Reddit. The appearances of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla from time to time in this series is an added bonus and often hilarious.

SmoshCast has become one of my favorite things from Smosh. It is so much fun listening in to whatever Amanda, Shayne, and guests end up discussing. This video in particular gives us an iconic line from Amanda’s past regarding salsa. We’ve all been there and sometimes; our history can show how cringe we truly used to be. Past jobs can also reveal a lot about what we had to become or what weird things we’ve said.

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