The Women of Myth: Oracle Deck is a gorgeous display of powerful artwork and energy, perfect for any level of experience.

I’ll be reviewing a truly unique product from Adams Media today, The Women of Myth: Oracle Deck, by Maria Sofia Marmanides. Full of the divine and diverse feminine from myths and legends, this oracle deck has inspiration from a book featuring the same artwork. The Women of Myth by Jenny Williamson and Genn McMenemy, with illustrations by Sara Richard, is brought into this oracle deck with a lot of care for not only the artwork but the power these figures can often possess in spiritual practice. The deck is available on July 4, 2023.

Credit: Simon & Schuster

The Women of Myth’s Impressive & Enchanting Design

I was initially concerned that the fantastic artwork featured in the book would be sacrificed in some way when making room on the cards. I’m very happy that my concerns are gone, the artwork of these feminine legends remains intact and distinct. The beautiful and divine stories of these women are featured perfectly. I’m all for products that comfort the senses and the smoothness of the box in which the deck comes in is fantastic. The cover also isn’t difficult to take off, which can be an issue for some items that close that way.

The separation of categories fits perfectly with the change in border color and the inclusion of the category below the name on any of the cards. It’s a simple enough design, but it doesn’t compromise the gorgeous artwork or the connections to be made with the cards when put into practice. The marbled design on the back of the cards is beautiful and yet neutral enough to compliment the artwork on the other side. This oracle deck is full of powerful energy just flowing out of every woman included and their stories.

The Women of Myth Provides Guidance for Newcomers

This deck has a setup that works great for those who’ve worked with these cards before and those who’ve just started getting into it all. The booklet included with the deck may appear small, but it is jam-packed with content for anyone at any level of experience. There’s also a great deal of respect given to the women featured in these cards. And from the start, the booklet makes sure to assist you in blessing the deck properly which isn’t always something included.

Final Notes on The Women of Myth: Oracle Deck

The Women of Myth: Oracle Deck works well for a variety of levels of experience. Although for some more experienced with these types of decks, it may be too simplified at times but that can often be a personal preference. The cards look fantastic and the colors are vibrant and maintain the individuality of the women featured. I feel myself using these cards a lot in the future, connecting with various deities and important moments in life. I highly recommend this deck and love the inclusion of such great names in myth and legend.

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