Celebrate an icon's impact with the Silver Dolphin Books' release of 'Have You Heard of Dolly Parton?' by Una Woods, arriving this summer.

Introduce your little ones to the incredible Dolly Parton—a singer, songwriter, philanthropist, style icon, and so much more! This colorful book shows all inspirational work of Dolly with cute text and fun interactive elements like flaps and wheels that allow kids to get Dolly ready for a show, play different instruments, style her legendary look, and more. By celebrating Dolly’s amazing impact, Have You Heard of Dolly Parton is the perfect book to teach kids to make the world a better place by just being themselves.

Have You Heard of Dolly Parton

Have You Heard of Dolly Parton? Book Details:

By: Editors of Silver Dolphin Books

Illustrated by: Una Woods

Publication Date: 8/8/2023

Price: $10.99 | Imprint: Silver Dolphin Books

Ages 3-5 | ISBN-13: 9781667204529

Dolly has been an icon in country music and pop culture for many years, with many awards and accolades in her name. There’s a lot to love about Dolly’s experience in lifting the self-esteem and potential in others while remaining true to herself. Like it says on her website, “From singing barefoot on the front porch of her Tennessee Mountain Home to commanding the stage in six-inch heels, Dolly Parton is a larger-than-life living legend with a heart as big as her dreams.”

Una Woods is an illustrator and author who lives in Dublin. She loves making illustrations for children, and her work has been published in books, magazines, and websites. She loves working with bright colors and patterns in her illustrations. She grew up in Clontarf, very close to where Bram Stoker was born.

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